FT-0003 -Java, JavaScript

Updated: Jan 21

As a Senior Developer/Analyst with our client, you will be focused on delivering projects for various business units, as well as providing support for Flight Scheduling applications as required.

Results/Delivery (60%)

- Estimates the size and complexity of development work and manages completion across the team

- Partners with team members to mature test-driven development practices and leverage continuous integration and delivery standards and best practices

- Proactively communicates with Infrastructure and other functional partners about delivery requirements to avoid handoff bottlenecks

- Applies modern architectural components strategically to enhance portfolio flexibility

- Consistently improves expertise around emerging architectures and approaches to solution design and shares expertise with others

- Tracks and reports issues and addresses patterns and root causes of shortfalls in technical quality and user acceptance

- Consistently demonstrates behaviors and practices to incorporate quality throughout delivery

- Uses understanding of end-to-end business process and UX to guide solution design, execution, and integration

- Uses a risk-based approach to prioritize and right-size testing and quality efforts

- Stays up to date on the projects that are most likely to have downstream or upstream dependencies related to their project.

Make * Better (20%)

- Understands the architectural and integration principles to make sound decisions in the absence of specific guidelines

- Identifies opportunities to integrate data or systems to improve the value or efficiency of existing business processes

- Troubleshoots technical issues related to data access and transformation

- Designs and builds solutions in a way that eases future work on long-term maintenance, support, and infrastructure of the application

- Identifies and resolves solutions' environment and infrastructure needs

- Considers the impact of new applications or functionalities on stakeholder's processes, and the portfolio and manages the change to ensure the solution achieves desired business impact

- Identifies root causes of shortcomings in processes and proposes solutions to address them.

- Tailors conversations to match each business partner's understanding and knowledge of technology

- Serves as an internal champion of change initiatives undertaken by the organization. Independently learns from failures or missteps and applies learnings in various contexts

People (10%)

- Identifies work priorities that will enable team to meet business objectives.

- Seeks opportunities to improve handoffs with other team members and functions.

- Works to gain a comprehensive understanding of business needs and user requirements.

- Actively seeks conversations with business partners to better understand business need. Identifies, monitors, and acts on information about business needs.

Safety (10%)

- Understands security principles to make sound decisions in the absence of specific guidelines

- Proactively identifies security risks that need to be managed

- Coaches and offers guidance to team on security tools and standards

- Identifies common challenges developers encounter in secure coding and proposes new solutions to manager and or security team


Bachelor's in Information Technology or Computer Science

Certifications and Licenses

Years of Experience

5+ years of experience


•Five plus years hands-on experience in modern software development environments developing mission-critical software

Required Experience:

•Languages: Java, JavaScript

•Tools: Git

•Infrastructure: AWS (S3, CloudFront, Lambda, DynamoDB)

Nice-to-have Experience:

•Frameworks: React, .NET, Grails

•Tools: GraphQL, Jenkins

•Practices: Agile, test-driven development


• Demonstrated ability to learn and quickly comprehend new concepts

• Demonstrated strong judgment and decision-making ability

• Passion and ability in providing excellent customer service

• Demonstrated strong logical and technical troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

• Excellent skills and considerable experience with analyzing requirements

• Ability to develop accurate estimates and assist other team members with the estimation process

• Experience in interfacing with business users


• Availability to participate in an on-call support rotation of a 24/7/365 environment.

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